2011 Platter Guide 5* Wines

2011 Platter Guide 5* Wines     Info supplied by Richard Cranna of Wine Web

“YES!!!” … That was my exclamation after getting hold of the latest 2011 5 Star Platter Guide  selection yesterday.

If I may say so myself, the selection of the 5 Star wines for the 2011 Green edition have left fewer surprises than before, which should be a good thing seeing as my judgement of top quality wines is up there with the Platter tasting panel. With this year’s edition having been launched only 2 days ago, on the 16th November, everyone is scrambling to get their hands on what is currently available … and waiting anxiously for those which haven’t been released yet, unfortunately.

With a record 58 five star wines chosen for this edition there’s plenty to go around, which I’m inclined to think is a good result seeing as the quality of our South African vino is increasing year on year, provided optimum vineyard conditions.

For those sceptics out there who chase the latest vintages on whites, you’ll now have a chance to see, and taste, first-hand how well a white wine does in bottle with some age. This confirmed by most of the white wines chosen being 2009 vintage or older.

Here’s a few more stats before we get into what we have available for you …

Winery of the Year Nederburg Wines
White Wine of the YearFleur du Cap Bergkelder Selection Noble Late Harvest 2009
Red Wine of the Year De Trafford Shiraz 2008

After having Clare scramble to find out what is currently available, and what isn’t, we have a selection of wines which are ready to be added to your cellar at the click of a button …

Graham Beck Pheasants Run Sauvignon Blanc 2010 @ Only R152.00 per bottle
Kleine Zalze Family Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2009 @ Only R98.00 per bottle
Strandveld Adamastor 2009 @ Only R103.00 per bottle
Topiary Blanc de Blanc Brut 2008 @ Only R87.00 per bottle
Newton Johnson Domaine Pinot Noir 2009 @ Only R220.00 per bottle

*This offer is only available for a limited period!

… AND … if there are any of the other 5 Star wines you are interested in which we don’t have listed on WineWeb, please feel free to drop us an email to wine@wineweb.co.za with your query and we’ll get back to you shortly. Let us help you!!!

Till next time … here’s a sneak peak of the new 2011 Platter Wine Guide …

Vinous regards,

Richard Crann

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